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At Valrico Law Group, we work in collaboration with you. We work diligently, always ready to respond to our client’s needs and create powerful solutions for them.

We provide comprehensive litigation, corporate, personal injury, family law, divorce and custody issues, wills and estates, as well as trusts, all of which encompass a consideration for the well being of our clients and their families.

We focus both on immediate as well as long-term goals with our clients, mastering our resources from strategic allies around the Tampa Bay Area.

Thomas Gallo and Peter Farren have been collaborating and working together since 2005. In 2011, they formed their own firm together. With different styles to their personalities, the two balances each other out pretty well. Peter can improvise and adapt to different situations quickly, while Thomas is very structured and detail-oriented. The two paired together collaborate well and compliment each other as a well rounded powerhouse team.

At Valrico Law Group P.A. we build long-term relationships with our clients by being honest, dependable, thorough, attentive and effective. we are straightforward yet can speak in a language that our clients easily understand. Our attention to detail will assist our clients in getting the results they desire.

Whether it’s a simple legal matter representing the innocent passenger of a motor vehicle accident or a complex case of a multi-vehicle automobile accident with numerous injuries and multiple medical providers, Valrico Law Group P.A. is a firm that is all about building relationships.

We educate our clients and explain to them in very understandable terms what each document means, or what the possible outcomes could potentially be. We strive to create a sense of comfort, both with the process as well as understanding. Our client’s don’t feel overwhelmed by the process. We help them to accomplish their goals.

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