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Professional Help with your Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured by the negligent act of another, whether it be in a car accident, a slip and fall injury in a store, the injury to your body is not the only damage you sustain.  You must also deal with potential hospitalization, medical care and treatment, physical therapy, as well as the cost of that treatment.

You could also be faced with time away from your job or business causing you to lose income or potentially face hiring one or more people to take your place if you run your own business.  There are many costs associated with an injury, as well as the pain and suffering you face.

No matter what the situation, we are committed to aggressively pursuing the compensation you or your loved ones need to try to make yourself whole and go on with your life.

At the Valrico Law Group, we understand what you are experiencing following an accident.  Mr. Wells has been working on accident and insurance cases for over 33 years.

Having worked on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds before beginning to represent plaintiffs, he has the background necessary to be able to explain the insurance company’s positions regarding your case, as well as why they are taking these positions. We will be able to help you overcome the insurance company’s stall and delay tactics.  We don’t take every case presented to us, and those we take, are serious claims to which we pay personal attention.  At the Valrico Law Group, you are not a number, and we will do our absolute best, and utilize all of our experience, to maximize your recovery.

Before we decide to take your case, we will have an interview to ensure that you, your goals, and our attorneys are a good fit.  When you become our client, we believe you will immediately know how important you are to us, because of our attention to details about you and your case.  We also provide our personal injury clients with the attorney’s cell number for your convenience.  We encourage you to use it when you have a question or a problem.

Types of Injury Cases We Handle:

For years, Mr. Wells has helped the residents of west central Florida and visitors to our corner of heaven take appropriate action after a serious injury.  We handle cases involving:

We not only represent our clients, we try to assist them to understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and actions they need to do for their case to help maximize their recovery.  We also provide insight regarding actions they can take to better protect themselves in the future.

Most insurance companies have attorneys on staff or they retain attorneys from large law firms dedicated solely to defending insurers.  Threatening them with a trial and its expense does not affect the insurers.  We level the playing field.  Having worked for insurance companies or having been retained by them to represent their insureds, Mr. Wells is familiar with the manner and method by which insurance companies defend cases.  We not only understand what they are going to do, we understand why they are going to do it.  That way, we can smooth out some of the bumps in the road and maximize your recovery.


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