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          Life doesn’t always go smoothly.  Sometimes, tragedies happen.  Be it damage to your home, business or your own injury or disability that causes a lengthy period away from your job, when disaster strikes, you can usually turn to your insurer for help.  But what happens when your homeowner’s insurer says that the fire damage, storm damage, or water or sinkhole damage to your home is not covered?  What if they give you an extremely low offer to repair?  What happens if your disability insurance denies your short or long term disability claim?  What happens if the insurance agent that you relied upon to obtain insurance coverage for you dropped the ball, and you simply do not have the insurance coverage that you requested?  What if the insurer delays, denies, or simply ignores your claim, provides inaccurate or incomplete information or in some other way acts in its own interest instead of your interests?  At what point do I need an attorney? Kim Wells handles these and other first party insurance claims, and he can help you.

We know how important your home and property are to you, how needed insurance benefits are, and the reason why you pay for them.  We know why disability and life insurance coverage is important to you.  We know the trust you put in your insurance agent, and we know what the insurance company is supposed to do.  Kim Wells has been handling first party insurance claims for over half his legal career.  He has worked on behalf of insurance companies and now works exclusively for and on behalf of policy holders.  His goal is to maximize your recovery and to help you get your life back on track.

We help rebuild clients’ lives after tragedies such as:

Insurance coverage disputes

Insurers sell insurance on all different types of risks. However, the language of your insurance policy will determine if all, or part, of your damages to your home, auto, or business are covered under the facts surrounding your loss.  Not all insurance companies utilize the same language to  describe, define, or exclude coverage.  Based strictly upon the language of the insurance policy, some types of claims may not be covered, partially excluded, or limited in some manner. Many insurers, through its adjusters, try to use its policy language to tell an insured that their damages are not covered. The insurance company is not always correct in these determinations. They may try to use a definition or an interpretation that is not contained in, or otherwise defined by the policy. They may make a strained interpretation of the policy language, or use a prior legal precedent that is no longer current law.

An attorney experienced in insurance coverage issues can assist you in ensuring you get the insurance coverage you paid for. Insurers are not always right. You do not have to accept their determination on coverage or damages without question. Please consult an experienced insurance attorney to protect your rights. When your insurance company is limiting your insurance coverage, or is denying coverage exists for a loss, Kim Wells can assist you in determining what insurance coverage is available to cover your loss, and in making the insurer live up to the promises made to you when you bought the insurance.

Mr. Wells has worked with and for insurance companies, and know how claims should be handled.  As such, we are able to assist you.


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