Once you start the divorce process, you may find that you are interested in getting back out into the dating world. It is not uncommon for those who are recently separated from their ex to want to find someone new. Dating may not be the top priority, but you may find that you want to find some happiness again after the unhappiness that led you out of your marriage. Today we are presenting some tips for dating after your divorce.


Wait until your divorce is finalized.

It may seem like a no-brainer but dating while going through a divorce is rarely a good idea. For starters, while the process is ongoing, you will be very busy with paperwork and court dates and negotiations. Use this time to make the best case for yourself rather than finding your next partner. You will appreciate being able to use what little downtime you may have to rest and focus on you. Dating can wait until the divorce is finalized.

Figure out what went wrong the first time.

It does no good to get into a new relationship if you have not figured out what went wrong with the old one. Take stock of everything that went on. Speak with a counselor to work through your thoughts and emotions. If you find that you had some part of the marriage ending, take ownership of it and work to repair that part of yourself before diving into a new relationship.

Getting back out there can take many forms.

Don’t worry about how you will “get back out there.” The best place to start is to have fun with friends. Partake in some of your favorite hobbies. Maybe take up some new ones. Online dating websites are a resource that make it possible for you to meet people whose paths you may never cross otherwise. If you have children, get involved with the PTA. You never know where you will meet that someone special, so don’t be afraid to live your life and try new things.

Trust your instincts.

First impressions are important for a reason. Your gut reaction to a person can tell you a lot. If you are getting a bad vibe from someone, don’t ignore it. Don’t force yourself to stick it out just to be polite or to see if it gets better. If your brain is throwing up red flags, call it a night and move on.

Keep your sense of humor.

Your sense of humor will be your saving grace in this time. When things go wrong or end poorly, don’t take yourself or the situation too seriously. Besides, one of the most important things in any relationship is being able to make each other laugh. Find someone whose sense of humor is compatible with yours. You’ll find that life and love are much more fun when you can laugh at yourself and the awkward situations. They always say that laughter is the best medicine, so make the most of any opportunity to laugh.